Randy Zerbian, owner, worked as a Journey carpenter in the Illinois carpenter's union for ten years. Moved to Menomonie and Started his own business in 1996. He has been a foreman for commercial and residential construction. Randy has over 20 years experience in the trade and has been serving Dunn County and the surrounding area for the past 15 years.

Randy is a small contractor and likes a challenge. Customers are #1. He goes above and beyond to make each and every customer happy. Randy takes on one job at a time, when the job is completed he will start the next one. He gives his clients undivided attention . He meets personally with each client, listens and suggests his options . Randy will turn away work if he can not do the job correctly. He named his business Dunn-Rite Construction because he believes the job should always be done right... plus the bonus of living in Dunn County! A perfect name!

Every job site is cleaned up at the end of each day. He does not want to burden the home owner. Randy coordinates with any subcontractors needed. The home owner does not have to worry about scheduling and finding someone qualified.

Randy is insured and attends continuing education classes. Every estimate includes names of customers with contact information so you can check with others who have experienced working with Randy.

Just a phone call away! Please feel free to contact Randy to schedule a free estimate and answer any questions you may have. Thanks for considering Dunn-Rite Construction.


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