The Alpine Small Animal Practice is a place of love and learning. They offer the care and love your pet needs and the information you need to protect your pet's health.

Dr. Mary Dodson is a dedicated veterinarian who went to college in the approprietley named town of College Station, where she attended Texas A &M's Veterinary School. She graduated in 1994 and has been practicing veterinary medicine in Alpine for 16 years. Opening her own practice in 2005, Dr. Dodson continues to nurture her reputation as a caring and knowledgeable veterinary practitioner who runs an informative and healthful animal center.

The staff at the Alpine Small Animal Practice is well educated and trained to know the various temperaments and personalities of the animals that come to see them each day. They execute procedure with smooth professionalism while seeing to your pet's comfort. Both Dr. Mary Dodson and her staff have the love you have for your pet in mind when performing exams, grooming, cleaning or any other procedure.

Come visit the Alpine Small Animal Practice today and get to know Dr. Dodson and her team. They want you to feel comfortable with them before you choose them as your pet's primary veterinary provider.

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Alpine Small Animal Practice
3305 State Hwy 118
Alpine, TX 79830

Phone: (432) 837.5416
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