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Dr. Dorroh has been trained in the TTA procedure and has seen impressive results in his patients. TTA is one of the newer surgeries for correction of ruptured cranial cruciate injuries in dogs. There are several procedures for correction of this injury. Currently TTA and TPLO are considered by most veterinary surgeons to be the best two procedures. With the TTA procedure the tibial tuberosity is cut and advanced forward to bring the patellar ligament to a 90 degree angle to the tibial plateau. This stabilizes the joint by reducing cranial tibial thrust. Recently there has been research to show that TTA may do a better job of reducing internal tibial rotation than the TPLO. With the TTA procedure the bone cut is made on the non weight bearing part of the tibia resulting in less chance of postoperative complication and quicker return to weight bearing than with the TPLO procedure.

Laparoscopic Surgery:
All Creature Features Animal Hospital offers Laparoscopic surgery for their patients. Some common procedures performed is a laparoscopic spay or laparoscopic liver biopsy.

The laparoscopic spay is a procedure that offers less pain, faster recovery time, smaller incisions, and less chance of postoperative complications compared to traditional surgery. Studies have shown that laparoscopic ovariohysterectomy results in 60% less pain compared to spays done by traditional surgery. This is because of the much smaller abdominal incisions required for their procedure. Less pain and smaller incisions means your pet will more quickly return to their normal activities. Also, because the procedure is less invasive there is a decreased chance for complications or infections following surgery. For more information and costs involved in this procedure please call our office.

Our laparoscopic experience allows us to be able to perform laparoscopic liver biopsies. Laparoscopic liver biopsies allow visual examination of internal organs and enables retrieval of larger tissue samples from abnormal areas. Recovery time from the procedure is minimal. Prior to any procedure we perform a CBC and in house coagulation profile to minimize post biopsy bleeding. Please call our office for further information and to schedule an appointment.

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