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Grooming services are available Monday thru Friday. You can have your pet pampered by our qualified groomers. Amanda and Tonya have been through extensive training to provide your pets with the best care. They have over 15 years of grooming experience between the two of them. You can talk with our groomer for your custom cut on your pet and you will be pleased.



We added new boarding kennels during the Spring of 2007. These new kennels make it comfortable for your pet to stay with us when you are away. When boarding with us your pets will remain clean, medications will be given, have access to veterinary care if needed during their stay, dogs will be let outside to run in a fenced in area twice a day, and our staff will provide lots of love. You can also bring your own bedding and food for your pet which will add to them feeling more comfortable staying with us. All pets boarding with us will be required to show proof of vaccinations.


Digital x-ray:
All Creature Features Animal Hospital uses digital x-ray for radiographs. Digital x-ray allows for faster interpretation by making a more detailed image of your pet. Due to the decreased amount of radiation it is also safer to use for our employees. Our system also allows you to see your petís images soon after they were taken in the exam room. At this time you can have time to discuss with the veterinarian the finding on the x-ray and ask any questions.

Our digital x-ray system also provides us with the benefit of having radiographs interpreted by a board certified radiologist in a short period of time. We can report these findings to you within 24 hours.


Full Service lab:

We offer full service in house lab. We can have blood results for your pet while you wait. We can also test your pet for any clotting deficiencies immediately. Any more in depth testing can be performed by outside laboratories, and we can get reliable results in 1-2 days. Also on day of surgery for your pet our presurgical blood screen can be done prior to any surgery to insure your pet is healthy enough for their procedure.



Our specialized surgical suite is well equipped to handle all of your pets needs. Some of the common surgical procedures we perform are: spays, neuters, feline declaws, removal of canine dewclaws, mass removals, fracture repairs, and dental procedures. Our Veterinarians are also comfortable performing more complicated emergency procedures such as; c-sections and bloat repair. We perform surgeries Monday thru Friday. We also have room if needed to perform two surgical procedures at the same time. We highly recommend presurgical blood work before any of our procedures and can perform this in house the day of your petsí surgery. Please call our office for a surgical quote and appointment.



All Creature Features Animal Hospital offers dental services for your pet. When in for your wellness exam our veterinarian will offer a dental plan to maintain your petsí oral health. Dental procedures for pets offer many health benefits. Many kidney and heart valve infections in dogs and cats are related to bacteria originating in the mouth. Aggressive veterinary dentistry has greatly improved the length and quality of many petsí lives. Regular dental visits are recommended for the treatment of calculus, abscessed teeth, and periodontal disease.


Wellness exams:
All Creature features Animal Hospital believes in annual wellness exams. Because our pets age so much faster than we do, periodic wellness checks are one of the best ways you, as an owner, can help them have long and happy lives. Unlike vaccination or emergency appointments, annual visits allow veterinarians to identify problems before they become severe.

Wellness visits or ďpreventative medicine,Ē can increase the length and quality of our petsí lives. Here at All Creature Features Animal Hospital animals in their first year of life receive thorough examinations each time they come in for boosters and vaccinations. Afterwards, annual wellness exams are tailored to the animalís age and weight. All lab work is customized to an animalís size, weight and breed and it is used to detect early-onset blood disorders, kidney and liver disease, diabetes, infection, cancer, thyroid disease, and hormonal problems. Ultimately, wellness checks provide information our pets cannot offer themselves.



Pet vaccination is essential in your petsí overall health. There are many vaccines available and All Creature Features Animal Hospital will tailor a vaccination schedule specific for your pet. Vaccines have been proven to be safe and effective with over decades of use. These vaccines are effective in preventing diseases in your pet that could cause serious illness and sometimes be fatal.


Microchip Identification:
All Creature Features Animal Hospital recommends microchippingfor your pet. Please call us to ask about prices and make an appointment. The microchip is a tiny form of computerized identification implanted under a petís skin by our veterinarian. Once the chip is in place, it can be scanned to provide necessary information to reunite an owner with a lost or stolen pet.


Flea Prevention:
Many pet owners are lulled into a false sense of security because they donít see visible signs of fleas on their pets; however, fleas are good at hiding in your petís hair coat and in the environment. Their bodies, sleek and thin, are extremely well adapted for scurrying and disappearing in dense fur, especially near the ears, tail, head, and groin. Unless you are expressly looking for them, you may never actually see them. Keep in mind that the adult fleas you may or may not see on your pet represent only 5% of the flea population. The other 95% are lurking in various immature stages in your petís immediate environment ó in bedding or carpeting or hiding in hard-to-reach crevices. Most topical or oral flea-prevention medications require the adult flea to actually be on the pet or to ingest a blood meal in order for the flea to be killed. Many of the products offered by All Creature Features Animal Hospital have been proven safe and effective for your pet and are back by the various company guarantees. We have full confidence that by following our recommendations your house will be flea free. All Creature Features Animal Hospital recommends year round flea prevention and we can help you to determine the best products for your pet.


Heartworm Prevention:

Heartworm disease can be prevented easily in your pet. Heartworm is a preventable, but serious and potentially fatal, parasite that primarily infects dogs and cats, although it is much more commonly seen in dogs. As its name implies, heartworm lives in the blood of a dogís or catís heart and adjacent blood vessels. The adult heartworms living in the heart produce offspring, called microfilaria, which circulate in the infected animalís blood. Heartworm infection is almost 100% preventable in dogs and cats. There are several FDA-approved heartworm preventives available in a variety of formulations. Our veterinarian can recommend the best method of prevention based upon your pet's risk factors and lifestyle. Of course, you have to remember to give your pet the preventive in order for it to work! All Creature Features Animal Hospital recommends year round heartworm prevention, and a simple blood test to confirm your dog is free of heartworms is required to start prevention.

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