Primacy Medical Clinic provides general medical services on an appointement basis.

Appointement medical clinics provide prompt medical care for people who are sick and do not have a family doctor or are unable to reach their family doctor. Most “minor” medical problems that you would normally see your family physician for can be effectively managed at our Clinics. Generally, appointments are not needed. It is best to call before visiting as appointments book up quickly and to check the clinic‘s hours as they are subject to change.

Mission Statement – We are dedicated to providing high quality, efficient care to our patients in a modern and welcoming environment.

We will inform your family physician of your visit to our clinic by forwarding a copy of your clinic chart to them for you.  This allows for good continuity in your medical care by keeping your family physician informed of any medical treatments that are initiated at one of the Primacy Medical Clinics in Moncton.

Most of the medical services offered at the Primacy Medical Clinics are covered by your provincial medical insurance (Medicare) so it is important to bring your Medicare Card with you when you visit the clinic.  Some services such Drivers Medical Examinations and other Employment Medicals are not covered by Medicare so the cost of these services is the responsibility of the patient.


Narcotics will not be prescribed or refilled at the clinic