What began with a few fruit trees has evolved into one of the largest, top-quality retail nurseries in Northern California, carrying nursery stock and support products from quality growers and suppliers throughout California and Oregon. Mendon's Nursery consists of a large selection of annual, perennials, fruit and nut trees, berries, shrubs, flowering and shade trees, dwarf conifers, bonsai plants and supplies, and much, much more.

If home gardening is your passion, whether you're green in the thumb or behind the ears, Mendon's has the vegetable menu you'll want to grow. From pre-grown seedlings or packet seeds, to garden border flowers to deter pests, Mendon's supplies you with the plants and fertilizers to help you have a great harvest. They even have white radishes.

Plan your greatest green projects with Mendon's Nursery. Remember the landscaping background of the Mendon family name. Whether you're a homeowner or a retail property owner, Mendon's can provide you with landscaping ideas and the products to turn those ideas into reality.

You're encouraged to visit Mendon's Nursery, even if you come to browse. Chances are, you're going to be impressed with what you see on your leisurely stroll and you'll probably come away with some really good planting ideas.