Dr. James Maggiano

Dr. Maggiano is a Southern California native who was drawn to ocular studies early on. He received a Bachelor of Sciences degree from UCLA and went on to receive his Doctorate from University of California at Berkeley, completing his studies in 1987.

Opening his own practice in 1991, Dr. Maggiano has been serving the community for 20 years, providing eye care services that improve the way his patients see. The office provides eyewear for all budgets, from basic eyewear to top-of-the-line designer options. He also happens to be bilingual, which is appreciated by his Spanish speaking patients.

Living in the city of Downey, James Maggiano describes himself as a Christian family man who is outgoing, social, knowledgeable, patient and a very good listener. He is happily married, dividing his time between family and practice. Despite his busy schedule, Dr. Maggiano enjoys his favorite pastimes, which include fishing, tennis, and swimming.